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Cultural cooperation


Cultural cooperation

Cultural Cooperation

Cultural Cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Italian Republic is thriving in many fields, including University cooperation. In november 2016 the University "La Sapienza" in Rome and the University of Bahrain signed a MoU of cooperation and exchange of students.

The two Governments are negotiating a cultural, educational, scientific, technological and information cooperation agreement. Such an agreement should act as a framework and help exchanges and joint projects. 

Italian Bahraini Friendship Association (IFBA)

The Italian Bahraini Friendship Association (IBFA) was founded in 2006. IBFA is a non profit organisation regrouping representatives of the Italian community in Bahrain and Bahreinis with Italian ties. It aims to be a point of reference and information for citizens of both Countries who are are interested in the following fields: cultural and social; tourism and travel; education and science; sport; charity.    
IBFA promotes a mutual knowledge of the culture and civilization of the two Countries, as well the best image of Italy in Bahrain and the best image of Bahrain in Italy.

To join the IBFA you may complete the membership form downloadable from this website.