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Italian Cultural Festival - Impressions of Italy



Italian Cultural Festival - Impressions of Italy
Piano concert performed by Cristiana Pegoraro  

Acclaimed as one of the most gifted musicians of her generation, Cristiana Pegoraro has performed in some of the greatest concert halls in Europe, the United States, South America, Asia and Australia, where she entertained audiences with great success thanks to her inspired performances and original programming.
On May 26, 2007, in Naples (Italy), Cristiana received the President of Italy’s Award. The other winner of this year's classical music award was Claudio Abbado.  

With this concert’s programme, Cristiana Pegoraro will take the listener on a journey through the colors, rhythms and musical traditions of Italy.All these pieces, sources of memories, have in common the primary themes of poetic inspiration: love and passion.  

Evening Programme    


D. Scarlatti
Sonata in C Major
Sonata in D Minor
Sonata in A Major

L. van Beethoven          
Sonata Op. 57 “Appassionata”            
Allegro assai                   
Andante con moto                          
Allegro ma non troppo  


C. Pegoraro      
The Four Seasons                                         
Spring: The Wind and the Sea                                    
Summer: Colors of Love                   
Autumn: Rain                           
Winter: Now I Know

G. Rossini/F. Liszt          
La Danza                                                    
Tarantella Napoletana  

The concert will take place at the Cultural Hall on Tuesday 6th November 2007, 8.30pm
This event is free of charge and open to the general public.