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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Bahrain!

The Embassy fosters political, economic, diplomatic and consular relationships between Italy and Bahrain, while promoting the Italian presence in the host country, which is not only rich in history and traditions, but is also open to innovation and dialogue among nations.

Italy and Bahrain, together, have built over the years a solid relationship of friendship and cooperation, based on mutual respect and understanding on major international issues. On this foundation, extensive rapports in all sectors have been developed, creating a remarkable potential for the future, especially in the fields of economy and trade.
The daily activities of the Embassy aims at facilitating such opportunities, in addition to providing services and assistance to the Italian community in Bahrain.

This site’s purpose is to open a window on the main services offered by the Embassy: a first point of contact which can be further explored through direct contacts with the relevant offices.

Wishing you an enjoyable navigation, I invite you to visit our website regularly and provide us with any suggestions or recommendations that could be useful to improve the site. In this way, it will become a tool not only of consultation, but also of real interaction between the users and the Embassy.

Domenico Bellato
Ambassador of Italy to Bahrain